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Company Introduction

IMMORTALTEC MACHINERY CO., LTD. is the leading indicator of whole line equipment automation in Taiwan. The company has been established so far (founded in 2020) just a few years, getting the attention and trust of the vast customer base and complete a number of sets of customized products-automatic line (special machine); export to Europe and the United States with rich practical experience and Know-How to meet customer needs.

with accumulated experience and R&D technology in the field of automation, the service projects have entered the field of traditional metal processing, which applying robotic arms to automate production to reduce personnel cost and improve production efficiency and quality. With mechanical assistance or manpower replacement is unstoppable, automation and intelligent is the trend of modern industry.

Whether you are an amateur or a large-scale industrial manufacturer, IMMORTALTEC can meet your various needs or customize the model. Quality and reliability are our top priorities, so IMMORTALTEC makes all-out effort to ensure that its equipment meets the highest standards.

IMMORTALTEC provides customized designing and manufacturing, which can produce a higher proportion of good products in a shorter production cycle and meet the requirements of mechanical equipment that other manufacturers cannot achieve.

Because we are mainly focused on customized case and development, many mechanical equipment is a trade secret, the website does not have too many past equipment films, photos; but welcome to contract us directly, let us develop and design the mechanical equipment according to your needs.

The three principles of IMMORTALTEC:

1Professional Planning Ability

2Quality Assurance

3After-Sales Service